How to Digitise your Channel Reward Event

This year, your Channel Awards will look different compared to years gone by. However, it’s going to be more important than ever for vendors to bring their channel together and recognise their achievements.

Learn how you still create a sense of excitement and community around your next Channel Partner Awards.

Things to consider when moving your Awards ceremony online:

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1. Right Platform

The quality of your event production is a direct reflection of your business. We get that you want to ensure everything runs smoothly and your digital event is engaging. So let us help you in selecting the right technology for your needs.

2. Right host

Selecting the right Awards host for your digital event is vital. As with any Awards ceremony, an exceptional presenter cannot only attract an audience to attend but can also keep them engaged throughout. Ask us about our range of professional guest presenters.

3. Leverage content

Pre-recorded interviews played during the ceremony not only ensures that things run smoothly, they’re also fantastic to leverage for your post event marketing campaign or next year’s pre-event campaign. Consider incorporating pre-recorded snippets from shortlisted nominee’s, judges and sponsors.

4. Keep it interactive

The biggest challenge will be to keep your audience engaged for the duration of the event. We can help by sprinkling a few fun and creative ideas throughout the ceremony which will keep your attendees tuned in. This could include having a personalised gift delivered to each attendee (like wine) and incorporate an event tasting or you could support a charity and host a silent auction.

5. Winners are grinners

It is important for your Awards to retain significance and meaning in the digital environment. There is no doubt there’s something special about taking the podium to accept an award but there are also other opportunity to allow your winners to take pride in their achievements. We can make them feel special in a number of ways including scheduling their trophy to arrive the next morning and instantly sending them a digital prize. Plus inspiring others by promoting them via channel media or on your socials.

6. Make judging a breeze

Judging Awards is often incredibly time consuming. We can offer you specialised tools to help make the job of managing Awards easy. No more paper forms, copying and pasting into Excel or sending out thumb drives with media. No more wondering how far along your judges are in the process and if they have opened that last reminder email. Ask us how we can ensure the efficiency and integrity of your Awards.

At Hachiko, we’re big on collaboration. We like to consider ourselves an extension of your team, drawing down on our decades of channel experience, marketing knowledge and personal expertise to help your business succeed.

If you would like further information on the above and how it impacts on your business or your client’s business, please contact us.
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