Engage your channel with an efficient, bespoke solution

5 tips that will help you create efficient channel connections

For channel marketers, time versus outcome has always been a tug of war. There’s never enough hours in the day or resources to carefully nurture the perfect engagement strategy for each partner.

In theory, the ultimate goal is to motivate more partners, more efficiently, and achieve top results. But how far can a one-size-fits-all strategy really stretch? And will it work for all partners?

It’s time for a change

A tailored channel rewards program allows you to connect with your channel in an effective way. Let’s deep dive into best-practices on how the right strategy can help you drive a more productive channel and unlock more time to do what you do best. Sell.

One strategy doesn’t fit all

Umbrella channel strategies simply don’t work without proper preparation. It’s like trying to organise dinner with your friends and each friend has a different idea on what to eat. Yes, difficult to say the least.

Channel strategies like loyalty rewards programs need to be tailored in order to be efficient and cost-effective. A good program sees eye-to-eye with your partners and influencers. Timely interactions are also key.

But it doesn't stop there. Once in market, you need to ensure you’re driving desired actions and awareness of your program. A tailored solution will create meaningful connections with your partners, equally securing the right results in less time and effort.


Here’s 5 tips that will help you create efficient channel connections

1. Where do you want to be?

Keep your end goal in mind when you're starting to build out a program strategy. Make sure your desired partner behaviours align with your end goal. Who’s your audience? And will the reward not only get their attention, but pay off in a change in behaviour?

2. Achievable rewards

If you’re asking something new from your partners, make sure your rewards are in reach and worth the effort to engage. Find out more about how Behavioural Science can help you create more meaningful experiences with your partners.

3. Think short and long term

You cannot change your destination overnight. You can however change your direction. Sync your short term results with your desired long term goals to create an achievable pathway to success. 

4. How, what and why?

Keep in mind an engagement program allows you to gather immense data about your channel community. Consider what data should be collected to help shape future strategies and better partner outcomes.

5. What’s in it for your partners?

It takes the right reward for the right audience to inspire action. What type of reward are you offering? How frequent are you rewarding? and is it desirable to who you’re talking to.


Get more time back with a tailored Hachiko solution

At Hachiko, we’ve helped many channel marketers engage their partners more efficiently through a variety of bespoke loyalty and rewards programs.

We can help you:

1. Identify goals
Create an incentive program to suit your partner’s needs.

2. Increase your revenues
Scale and segment your incentives to ensure you are motivating the right people.

3. Remove roadblocks
Cost effectively communicate and nurture your channel more frequently.

4. Offer a simple claim process
Remove lengthy claim processes and offer one-click claiming.

5. Deliver speedy rewards
Accelerate the delivery of both physical and digital gifts with end-to-end outsourced rewards management.

6. Get regular reports
Ensure your program has momentum and maximum engagement.


Tailored to you and your partners

The right engagement strategy will not only get you the results you love, but will free you up for more important things like increasing sales and new partner opportunities.

Chat to us today to create a more efficient channel marketing program that’s tailored for you and your partners.

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