The impact of organic social media on lead generation

What does your business LinkedIn page look like?

Does it show a consistent stream of posts telling people who you are and what you do, your success stories and wins or even the fun things you do as a business – like staff events – with likes, comments, shares and other engagement, including others on your team commenting?

Or are there few or no posts, little engagement and very few of your employees showing – a page created purely so you have a ‘presence’ or can run a LinkedIn campaign?

We all know that providing relevant and useful content on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, is a key factor in generating organic leads.

But having good content and a consistent presence on LinkedIn – which claims some 830 million members globally – isn’t just about organic leads.

In recent campaigns Hachiko as run for clients we’ve clearly seen that when a business has a well recognised brand, potential customers are far more likely to complete a call to action, whether that be filling out a form, visiting a website or downloading some further information.

For large companies with public profile, that might be fairly easy. For a small local business, however, it can be much harder.

And here’s where building your LinkedIn content, and having a consistent voice on the platform, comes in: In a recent paid social media campaign involving a range IT resellers, all selling the same premium brand, those who had stronger company LinkedIn pages – who were posting content regularly and engaging via LinkedIn, who had that organic social presence – had up to three times more leads from the direct lead generation campaign.

Build it and they will come

Humans are a suspicious bunch. We like to know that we’re not the only person interested in a company and that they already have a presence – even better if someone else we know already engages with the content.

To be seen as an active brand, you need some content.

There’s a wide range of content you can post. ‘Lead magnets’, designed to attract prospects, are usually downloadable free content such as how to guides, case studies, eBooks or checklists. Just make it unique and high quality so that people are willing to provide their contact information in order to get access.

Case studies also have the added benefit of building trust and credibility.
Thought leadership pieces are also a way of establishing your brand’s authority and expertise.

Share and share alike

The more interesting, engaging and informative your content, the more likely it is to be shared, commented on or liked. And the more people engage with your content, the more chances of attracting new leads to your business.

Harness your own employees to improve your organic reach.

Don’t forget to also engage with other LinkedIn users along the way – like the content you see that’s relevant for your business and join the conversation when you can to further bolster your presence.


Better together

When you want to extend your reach even further using paid campaigns, that organic content will pay dividends, with social at its most powerful when paid and organic work together.

Good content can be time consuming. The payoffs, however, can make it all worthwhile.

Building an engaged audience will help increase your reach and generate new business – both organically and through paid campaigns.

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