Top 5 Most Loved loyalty Features

We've recently asked our power-users for their most popular Loyalty features and how they utilised them to deliver maximum value. Here's our list of the top 5 features you should consider for your next Engagement Program with Hachiko.

1. KPI Tracker: Create motivation with growth targets & trackers

  • Show previous period sales vs. current period sales
  • Show progress towards a growth target
  • Award points or leaderboard position for hitting targets

2. Online Auctions: Create fun and gamification 

  • Inject a fresh twist into earning rewards
  • Collect points which can be used for Auction cash
  • Only one prize per auction per member, ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate and win
  • Set bidding reserves for each prize

3. Reward Sprints: Create urgency with a race to the finish 

  • Instant earn guarantee
  • Count down rewards – “first in best dressed”
  • Allows individuals to track in real time what rewards are left up for grabs

4. Polls: Collect instant feedback 

  • Gather customer opinions on new product or service offerings
  • Target polls to segmented groups
  • Award rewards for those who complete polls

5. Integrate pre-paid rewards store

Contact us to find our more about these features, their benefits and how you can apply them to your Loyalty programs.

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