When Do I Need a Competition Permit?

When running a competition, you may or may not need a permit. Here is a guide!

There are two types of contests / promotions

Test of Skill Games of Chance

A competition involving the participant to compete against the others using their own effort.

‘In 25 words or less tell us why you should Win..’ (best judged) or ‘Spot the Difference’ (fastest responses) or ‘Spot the Ball’ (closest to the mark)

A competition where winning is decided on chance alone.

Spin & Win or Scratch cards.




You do not require a competition permit to conduct a test of skill promotion if there is no element of chance involved in winning. However, you must ensure that:

  • All entries are judged individually on their merit or skill.
  • One winner is chosen at a judge’s decision based on skill or originality. Please note that you cannot run a test of skill promotion where entrants can potentially submit the same answer or result. E.g. Who played the villain in the movie 'Joker'?’


Permits for games of chance are not required in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland or Western Australia. You may require a permit if the promotion is running in the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, New South Wales or Northern Territory subject to state specific regulation.

An overview of each state is below.


A permit is required for a ‘game of chance’ style promotion with a prize pool, or prize value of greater than $10,000 (in NSW or nationally).

In ACT a promoter must obtain a permit if the total prize pool exceeds $3,000 and there is traditional/print advertising. If the promotion is run solely online, a permit is not required unless a promotional website or web based application is hosted in ACT.

Permits are required in South Australia if the prize pool is over $5,000.

NT promoters require permit approval if the promotion is only running in NT and no other state has issued a permit.  The prize pool must also exceed $5,000.

Note: Permit fees and administration costs are based on the total prize pool and promotional mechanics. This information is provider



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